RV Trip Planning Trello Board


This RV Trip Planning Trello Board is a great way to get your travels organized! It also includes an in-depth instruction guide for using Trello and using this board specifically.

The RV Trip Planning Trello Board is designed to help you keep track of places you want to go, upcoming reservations, and all the associated paperwork that goes with it all. It’s entirely customizable to your type of travel – whether you full-time or just travel a few weekends a year!

  • – Keep Everything Handy. Reservation emails, notes on places you want to visit, confirmations – everything you need to make sure your trip is a success!
  • – Never Lose Another Reservation Confirmation. All your reservation information can be saved in the Trello card for your trip so you always have it ready when checking in!
  • – Save Time and PaperKeeping everything organized together electronically means no more printing out reservation or activity information and trying to keep a paper folder organized with all the details. Using this board means it’s all together digitally and can’t be lost in a pile of papers!


About Trello

Trello is a FREE organizational tool that uses a digital version of the “stickie note” system to get you organized. It helps keep all your related, important documentation in one easy to access and organize place. It also has a free phone app so you can have your information with you anywhere.

This RV Trip Planning Trello Board and User Guide is designed to be entirely self-directed, but please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions!