How to use Pinterest for Local Businesses

Weddings. Recipes. Side Hustles. Hiking. Nails Pets.

What do all these things have in common?

All of them are commonly searched on Pinterest, the most visual search engine.


pinterest for local business pin

I love Pinterest. I use it for my business, for finding new places to hike, finding Christmas presents, and saving recipes I have every intention of trying someday. 

What you may not realize is that Pinterest is a great, free asset for local businesses, too, not just the Targets and Urban Outfitters of the world. Local businesses can meet their clients where they already are, for free, using some well-crafted pictures and SEO-friendly captions. Pinterest for local businesses is a great, free way to find your customers. 

Pinterest even offers free business accounts, giving users access to lots of analytics and data to help them focus their message and content. The program is organized by profiles, boards, and pins. Businesses can leverage this format to organize the information in the way they want their customers to see it. 

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Before we dive into the details of Pinterest for local business, let’s look at some stats:

Pinterest is the fourth most popular social media platform in the US. 

According to the Pew Research Center, Pinterest was used by 29% of adults in the US. That’s compared to only 27% for LinkedIn and 22% for Twitter.

72% of Pinterest Users Are Women

Pinterest reaches 83% of women 25-54. If your product is aimed at this buying group, Pinterest is a huge opportunity to reach your audience. These women also make 80% of the buying decisions in their households!

40% of Dads Use Pinterest

Women may be the majority of Pinterest users, but dads are starting to get into the act. Fathers are using it to shop, research, plan, and find new products. They’ve also started searching for DIY projects to do with their kids.

Users are on Pinterest to Shop

47% of users are on Pinterest to shop for products specifically. This is compared to just 11% on Instagram and 15% on Facebook. Shoppers are shopping on Pinterest! 

Pinterest is capitalizing on these shoppers by creating new, easier ways for users to buy products. They’ve added Product Pins, which allows businesses to upload complete catalogs of products that can be easily shoppable by users, showing pricing, description, and direct purchasing links. 

Now that you know who is using Pinterest, take a look at your business, and decide if these are your buyers.

How does Pinterest for local business work?

1. Specialize your boards by the location you serve

If you serve more than one location or area, create a board for each area. For example, if your business was located in Austin, Texas, you could have a board about “Austin, Texas” and “Central Texas”. Depending on your business and geographical area, you could even do just the state. 

Texas, unfortunately, is massive so that idea doesn’t work so well here. If your area has a nickname or a slogan, use that as a name as well, such as “Keep Austin Weird”. 

2. Use specific copy and keywords to include the area you serve

pinterest search suggestions

For both boards and pins, be specific in how you write descriptions and ensure you include your location. Since Pinterest acts more like a visual search engine, the algorithm relies on descriptions to determine if a pin applies to what a user is searching for. 

Use the Pinterest search to see what people are searching for. If you’re a wedding venue in Austin, for example, you could enter “Austin wedding” into the search bar to see what terms users are already searching for. 

You can then use those terms in the descriptions of your pins and boards to help reach users that are already searching for what you offer. 

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3. Conduct market research to find out what your customers want

Survey past or present customers to understand how they found your business. Create a quick survey using a service like Survey Monkey to better understand what they’re looking for, why they chose your company, and what else they need from you. 

If you have an idea of a service or product to offer, ask them if they would be interested, or what they’d like to see instead. Use your customers; feedback to make sure you’re offering and marketing services and products people want, instead of what you think they want.

4. Try promoted pins to target a specific geographical area

While Pinterest is great for getting free traffic, if you really want to take advantage of the millions of users on every day, Pinterest ads are a super affordable way to get your message out. 

You choose a pin (either one you already have, or one you create specifically for the purpose), set a few requirements of who to target, and voila. Easy, affordable advertising. 

5. Create content that helps your customers

You can serve your audience by not only telling them how great your services are, but also by educating them around your industry. 

For example, if we look back at the Austin wedding venue example, you can create a guide about “The 10 best ways to save money on your wedding”, or “the 5 ways to make your wedding unforgettable”. This content doesn’t specifically sell your service, but it is creating a dialogue with potential customers. 

You can even build a whole board around resources for your customers, posting both your and others’ content that you think would be helpful.

This helps build a relationship with your customers and their trust in you. They get to know who you are as a company and learn to appreciate your expertise. All excellent for building a great customer base!

6. Find related local businesses to collaborate with

Let’s go back to that Austin wedding venue example one more time. You could reach out to local caterers, florists, and event planners to collaborate on a group Pinterest board and then invite other local businesses to share to that board. 

You should also find, follow, like, and comment on other local businesses to help grow your reach and find your own local audience. 

Brainstorm with your fellow local business owners to figure out ways you can work together to help each other grow. 

A few other helpful tips to keep in mind when using Pinterest for a Local Business:

  • • Make sure your pins are branded. What I mean by this is every single picture you post that goes to your content should have your logo and, ideally, your website on it somewhere. This not only helps customers find you but can discourage people from stealing your pins (it actually happens!). 
  • • Update your profile to include your location and important keywords for your business or service. 
  • • Be consistent. Pinterest is like any marketing effort and it will take time and effort to see results. Pinterest also values fresh, new content, so the more consistent you are with posting new pins, the more your content will be seen. 

pinterest for local business pin


Now that you know how to use Pinterest for your local business, you’re ready to get started!

If you want to get started on Pinterest but want some help, check out our Pinterest VA services. We offer everything from an audit of your current profile to full-service Pinterest management. 

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