How I Doubled My Pinterest Impressions in 30 days!

You’ve set up your blog.

You’ve got some posts on there.

You’re ready for the masses to swarm in and read all the great information you’re sharing.

But… crickets.


Nobody is finding your posts. No one is seeing all this great content you’re creating.

You’re considering just throwing in the towel and forgetting the whole thing.

There Has to Be a Better Way


Don’t give up yet!

I’m guessing you’ve heard of Pinterest. I mean, you’d have to be living under a rock not to at least have heard of it. 

But in case you have been making you’re home under some cozy granite lately, let me fill you in.

Pinterest is a visual search engine. It has millions of users logging in every day. 

People on Pinterest are searching for everything from chicken breast recipes to fairy wings to 4th of july party ideas. Pinterest is the go-to place for learning a new skill, finding decor or beauty ideas, or planning a big event. 

Who’s Using Pinterest?

Chances are you probably found this article through Pinterest.

You’ve probably been to a Pinterest-planned wedding in the past few years, or even tried a Pinterest recipe yourself. Maybe you’ve even done some kids crafts or redid some furniture because of something you found on Pinterest (guilty). 

A whole lot of people are using Pinterest. 85% of people using Pinterest say they go there first when starting a new project. 98% of pinners report trying new things that they’ve found on Pinterest. 

89% of pinners use Pinterest for purchase inspiration. People are there to shop!

Okay, great, but what can I do with that information?

I’m so glad you asked! Now that we know people are searching Pinterest, how do you get found on there?

I’ve taken several (more than I’m willing to admit) Pinterest courses over the years I’ve been blogging. 

Out of all the courses and e-books I’ve purchased, Ell’s Pinterest Growth Course is by far the most comprehensive. 

She goes into the details about what your pins should look like, where you should be pinning them and how often. She manages Pinterest accounts for several clients so she has a ton of experience experimenting with different techniques.

You get the benefit of her experiments!

Sounds Complicated

Ell breaks down her course into several parts, so you can follow through at your own pace.

She takes you step by step through how to set up your Pinterest, whether or not you need Tailwind (a pin scheduling service), how to grow your blog traffic using Pinterest, and to make money with it all.

Not only that, but she is constantly updating her course as the Pinterest algorithm changes.

Recently, Pinterest made some massive changes as to how they prioritize the content they show. Ell did a lot of experimentation with the new system and then promptly updated her content to reflect the new information!

Okay, but will it work for me?

This course is for you if you want to get traffic to your blog sooner rather than later! Ell has designed her Pinterest course to work with any niche - and she even gives specific examples in all sorts of niches. 

In Ell’s words, “If you are struggling with Pinterest and aren’t sure why you can’t grow your blog traffic with it, this course is for you!”

She even has a dedicated Pinterest with Ell community so you can have direct access to Ell and ask questions of her and thousands of other Pinterest users. 

If you’re still not convinced, take a look at some of my recent Pinterest stats. Can you tell when I started implementing Ell’s strategies?

I bought the course in early June and implemented the strategies as I went through it. 

By the way - I don’t recommend this method. Go all the way through the course first, then start implementing. You can always go back to re-read sections if you need a refresher when it comes time to start doing the work. It will make much more sense that way. 

I’ve been using Pinterest for years, both personally and for my blog. And even I got so much value from Ell’s course. I found features I had no idea even existed! 

However, this course isn’t for you if you are not willing to put in the work. If you don’t have the patience to put these practices into use for at least 3 months, then this course, and Pinterest in general, won’t work for you. 

Pinterest is a long game strategy. It is not a quick, overnight fix. You have to be dedicated to following through in order to really see the exponential growth Ell’s strategies are capable of. You must be willing to put in the effort.

I’m sold and ready to take my blog to the next level!

>>Purchase Pinterest with Ell Now!<<

You’ll get instant access to the course so you can get started right away. She gives you information for signing up for her Pinterest community inside the course. 

Ell is always available for questions via her email if you run into any hiccups. 


PS - If the thought of taking yet another course and learning yet another blogging skill is giving you heart palpitations, I also offer Pinterest Management services!

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Reader Interactions


  1. Molly says

    I think I have an old Pinterest board saved on wedding dress inspiration, I never even thought of it as a way to increase traffic to my blog. Very insightful post!

  2. Rebecca @ Boss Single Mama says

    Pinterest is so extra. My one account is going great but my other one has tanked because even though it hasn’t been blocked they told me it was flagged as spam. Still trying to get the mess sorted out. Glad you were able to get your impressions moving in the right direction!

    • Lauren says

      It’s been crazy lately with all the algorithm changes! They’re really pushing fresh, new content and prioritizing that. Ell’s course is constantly being updated with all the changes! 🙂

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Get Updates in Your Inbox!

Sign up for updates and get all the latest tips, tricks, and special offers for all things travel, outdoors, and DIY!

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